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We are a few kilometers from the Cantabrian Highway through which you can easily reach the most emblematic places of Cantabria from the hotel.

The hotel is about 40 km from Santander, capital of our region and known as one of the most elegant and beautiful cities on the north coast of Spain.  Get to know the Botín Center, visit the Palacio de La Magdalena or enjoy a boat ride through one of the most beautiful bays in Spain.

Natural Park of Cabárceno

Just 30 minutes away from Isla, we find the Cabárceno Nature Park.

It houses almost 120 animal species from the five continents in a semi-freedom regime, which are distributed in large-area enclosures where one or more species coexist.

The Cabárceno Nature Park is conceived for educational, cultural, scientific and recreational purposes, having become one of the largest tourist attractions in northern Spain.

Parque de Cabárceno
Cueva de Altamira

Santillana del Mar

Just 30 minutes away from the Hotel Astuy we can find one of the towns with the greatest historical-artistic value in Spain.

In Santillana del Mar you can find the Cueva de Altamira, described as the “sistine chapel” of rock art. This cave probably contains the most famous prehistoric paintings in the world.

Today there is a replica of the cave that was built to the delight of visitors in 2001. It is also the headquarters of the museum, which houses the Neocave, a reproduction that allows the dissemination of Altamira art to all audiences.

A little further away, La Cueva del Soplao and the Alto Campoo Ski Station are also accessible from our establishment.